On Humans and Machines.

Human-Machine Interactions in digital_cultures

Workshop of the research unit digitale_kultur at the University of Hagen and the Emmy Noether Research Group (DFG): “The Phenomenon of Interaction in Human-Machine Interaction (MMI)”.

The workshop looks at qualitative innovations of current human-machine interactions from an interdisciplinary perspective. Philosophical, cultural-, social- and educational approaches as well as perspectives of the technology developers are being discussed.

The focus lies on the social and cultural implications of new MMI. Starting point are current discussions about the limits and potentials of the information paradigm. In the face of current technological developments, it is up to debate whether new forms of MMI can still be described exhaustively by the information paradigm or whether different description modes are needed. As alternative starting points the workshop discusses positions from the fields of postphenomenology, critical code studies and infrastructure research. To what extent are these lines of theory informative for understanding new developments in the field of human-technology relations? And how can such approaches inform new formats of empirical research in the field of digital methods and vice versa?

Wednesday 03/03/2021

12:00 pm

Opening of the Online Spaces 

12:30 pm

Welcome: Thomas Bedorf (Head of FSP digital_culture), Ada Pellert (Rector of FernUniversität in Hagen)

Panel 1: What’s New in the Field of Human-Machine Interaction? (in german)
(Moderation: Sebastian Schleidgen, Hagen)

1:00 pm

Gabriele Gramelsberger (Aachen): Machine-Rational Sociality. Critique of the Sociality Inscribed in Machine Learning Procedures (more)

1:40 pm

Manfred Hild (Berlin): tba (more & video)

2:20 pm

Christopher Coenen (Karlsruhe): The Digitalisation of Taylorism: From Alterity to Embodiment and Back Again? (more & video)

3:00 pm


Panel 2: Dimensions of Experience in Human-Machine Interaction (in german)
(Moderation: Daniel Schubbe, Hagen)

3:30 pm

Thomas Bedorf (Hagen): Hermeneutic of Machines (more)

4:10 pm

Christian Leineweber (Hagen): Paradoxes in the Digital – On the Phenomenon of Human-Machine Interaction from the Perspective of Education Theory (more)

4:50 pm

Kevin Liggieri (Darmstadt): Anthropocentrism in Human-Machine-Interaction. A Perspective from Anthropology of Technology (more)

5:30 pm


6:00 pm

Keynote I (in english): Paul Peter Verbeek (Twente): On Intertechnicality: Postphenomenology, New Materialism, and Digital Materiality (more & video)
(Moderation: Selin Gerlek, Hagen/Munich)

Thursday, 03/04/2021

9:30 pm

Opening of the Online Spaces 

Panel 3: Information – Data – Knowledge, or: How Do Human and Artificial Intelligence Differ? (in german) (Moderation: Dennis Möbus, Hagen)

10:00 am

Almut Leh (Hagen): “The Answer is 42” – When Algorithms Take Over the Digital Memory. Experiences with Artificial Intelligence in the Archive “Deutsches Gedächtnis”  (more)

10:40 am

Felix Engel (Hagen): Digital Methods for Analyzing Historical Narrative Interviews (more & video)

11:20 am

Tobias Hodel (Bern): Understanding the Machine? Approaches to the Black Box in the Humanities (more & video)

12:00 pm


Panel 4: Producing Knowledge with/about Machines (in english)
(Moderation: Paula Helm, Tübingen)

2:00 pm

Wulf Loh (Tübingen): Learning with and from Augmented Reality: A Shift in Knowledge Acquisition? (more & video)

2:40 pm

Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda (Klagenfurt): Collaborations between Humans and Machines in the Production of Knowledge (more & video)

3:20 pm

Claudia Müller-Birn (Berlin): About the Challenges and Opportunities of Human-Machine Collaboration (more)

4:00 pm


4:30 pm

Keynote II (in english): Stefania Milan (Amsterdam): Reclaiming Agency in Human-Machine Interactions (more & video)
(Moderation: Paula Helm, Tübingen)

Friday, 03/05/2021

9:00 am

Opening of the Online Spaces 

Panel 5: Digital Subjectivation and Sociality (in german)
(Moderation: Frank Hillebradt, Hagen)

9:30 am

Thorben Mämecke (Hagen): ‘Welcome to the Machine‘ – On Digital Subjectification and Sociotechnical Algorithms (more)

10:10 am

Eryk Noji (Hagen): The Cybernetic Subject: Self-Thematization in Self-Tracking (more)

10:50 am

Hanna Klimpe (Hamburg): Empowerment, Educational Challenges and Right-Wing Extremism: TikTok between Theatrical Aesthetics and Algorithmical Censorship (more)

11:30 am


Panel 6: Social, Cultural and Ethical Consequences of new Human-Machine Interactions (in german)
(Moderation: Johanna Seifert, Hagen/Munich)

12:00 pm

Janina Loh (Wien): Responsibility in Human-Robot-Interaction (more)

12:40 pm

Armin Grunwald (Karlsruhe): Robots as Colleagues – The Anthropomorphization of Digital Technology and the Self-Technicalization of Humans (more)

1:20 pm

Irina Gradinari (Hagen): The Cyborg’s Gaze. On Embodied Technologies (more)

2:00 pm

Closing discussion