Friday, 03/05/2021

9:00 am

Opening of the Online Spaces 

Panel 5: Digital Subjectivation and Sociality (in german)
(Moderation: Frank Hillebradt, Hagen)

9:30 am

Thorben Mämecke (Hagen): ‘Welcome to the Machine‘ – On Digital Subjectification and Sociotechnical Algorithms (more)

10:10 am

Eryk Noji (Hagen): The Cybernetic Subject: Self-Thematization in Self-Tracking (more)

10:50 am

Hanna Klimpe (Hamburg): Empowerment, Educational Challenges and Right-Wing Extremism: TikTok between Theatrical Aesthetics and Algorithmical Censorship (more)

11:30 am


Panel 6: Social, Cultural and Ethical Consequences of new Human-Machine Interactions (in german)
(Moderation: Johanna Seifert, Hagen/Munich)

12:00 pm

Janina Loh (Wien): Responsibility in Human-Robot-Interaction (more)

12:40 pm

Armin Grunwald (Karlsruhe): Robots as Colleagues – The Anthropomorphization of Digital Technology and the Self-Technicalization of Humans (more)

1:20 pm

Irina Gradinari (Hagen): The Cyborg’s Gaze. On Embodied Technologies (more)

2:00 pm

Closing discussion