Thursday, 03/04/2021

9:30 pm

Opening of the Online Spaces 

Panel 3: Information – Data – Knowledge, or: How Do Human and Artificial Intelligence Differ? (in german) (Moderation: Dennis Möbus, Hagen)

10:00 am

Almut Leh (Hagen): “The Answer is 42” – When Algorithms Take Over the Digital Memory. Experiences with Artificial Intelligence in the Archive “Deutsches Gedächtnis”  (more)

10:40 am

Felix Engel (Hagen): Digital Methods for Analyzing Historical Narrative Interviews (more & video)

11:20 am

Tobias Hodel (Bern): Understanding the Machine? Approaches to the Black Box in the Humanities (more & video)

12:00 pm


Panel 4: Producing Knowledge with/about Machines (in english)
(Moderation: Paula Helm, Tübingen)

2:00 pm

Wulf Loh (Tübingen): Learning with and from Augmented Reality: A Shift in Knowledge Acquisition? (more & video)

2:40 pm

Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda (Klagenfurt): Collaborations between Humans and Machines in the Production of Knowledge (more & video)

3:20 pm

Claudia Müller-Birn (Berlin): About the Challenges and Opportunities of Human-Machine Collaboration (more)

4:00 pm


4:30 pm

Keynote II (in english): Stefania Milan (Amsterdam): Reclaiming Agency in Human-Machine Interactions (more & video)
(Moderation: Paula Helm, Tübingen)