Wednesday 03/03/2021

12:00 pm

Opening of the Online Spaces 

12:30 pm

Welcome: Thomas Bedorf (Head of FSP digital_culture), Ada Pellert (Rector of FernUniversität in Hagen)

Panel 1: What’s New in the Field of Human-Machine Interaction? (in german)
(Moderation: Sebastian Schleidgen, Hagen)

1:00 pm

Gabriele Gramelsberger (Aachen): Machine-Rational Sociality. Critique of the Sociality Inscribed in Machine Learning Procedures (more)

1:40 pm

Manfred Hild (Berlin): tba (more & video)

2:20 pm

Christopher Coenen (Karlsruhe): The Digitalisation of Taylorism: From Alterity to Embodiment and Back Again? (more & video)

3:00 pm


Panel 2: Dimensions of Experience in Human-Machine Interaction (in german)
(Moderation: Daniel Schubbe, Hagen)

3:30 pm

Thomas Bedorf (Hagen): Hermeneutic of Machines (more)

4:10 pm

Christian Leineweber (Hagen): Paradoxes in the Digital – On the Phenomenon of Human-Machine Interaction from the Perspective of Education Theory (more)

4:50 pm

Kevin Liggieri (Darmstadt): Anthropocentrism in Human-Machine-Interaction. A Perspective from Anthropology of Technology (more)

5:30 pm


6:00 pm

Keynote I (in english): Paul Peter Verbeek (Twente): On Intertechnicality: Postphenomenology, New Materialism, and Digital Materiality (more & video)
(Moderation: Selin Gerlek, Hagen/Munich)